Tuesday, 20 August 2013



Adam & Luke q

two novellas

by Peter Krummeck

Peter Krummeck has established a reputation for creating humane yet humorous characters. His acclaimed nativity play Lodestar featured ‘Three not-so Wise Men’. In The Passion he controversially turned Judas from the archetypal villain into a youthfully misguided Zealot one could understand. And like!

As did iVirgin Boy, his exposé of the HIV/Aids pandemic, these novellas are likely to ruffle a few feathers because they explore the wider spectrum of our God-given sexuality. Having mentored Peter on occasion over thirty years, I suggest that his gainsayers respect the integrity that undergirds his writing. It is especially evident in his one-man play Bonhoeffer which commemorated the First Anniversary of 9/11 in Washington DC.

Peter writes of hatred and ugliness with a gentler memory than most and his progress from playwriting to prose seems a logical development that will reach a wider audience yet.

I once said that Peter’s work with young people made it possible for South Africa to export that rarest of commodities: peace. I wish to endorse his work against sexual discrimination in a similar way.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

This contains two novellas: Adam van Eden and According to Luke
ISBN 978-0-9870182-5-0 210 pages 210 x 137 mm
First published 2012. Second edition 2012.

Price R250.00

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